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Quantitative psychology and

- robust analytic techniques, non-parametric statistics, meta-analysis, bootstrapping techniques, latent-variable modelling, cognitive diagnostic models

Being a quantitative psychologist, I am particularly interested in evaluating the behavior of existing statistical analyses under different data conditions (e.g., non-normal data in a clinical-psychology sample, range-restricted data in an industrial/organizational sample), developing new quantitative methods (e.g., new model specifications in latent-variable modeling) for increasingly sophisticated models in psychological research, and applying different quantitative methods in real-world research. Specifically, my first line of research involves proposing and evaluating new bias-correction procedures for study artifacts (e.g., restriction of range, non-normality) in reliability and validity coefficients in single and meta-analytic studies. Secondly, I am interested in improving the accuracy of latent-variable models—including item response models, confirmatory factor models and structural equation models—when they are subject to different data conditions such as hierarchical grouping and restriction of range. My third line of research lies in applying existing and new quantitative methods in practice. I have been engaged in evaluating the psychometric properties of existing scales (e.g., Spence’s Children Anxiety Scale), and developing psychometric instruments in psychology (e.g., early detection of children with autism spectrum disorder) and education (e.g., items for university students’ evaluation of teaching).

Teaching Description

I am interested in teaching quantitative methods and data-analytic techniques in psychological research.

E.g., design and analysis for psychological experiments, quantitative methods in psychology, advanced latent modelling techniques in psychology

Languages (other than English)

Cantonese (Hong Kong, China) - Read, Write, Speak, Comprehend Aurally

International Activities

Peer interaction as a naturalistic stress test: Early identification of children at-risk for mild ASD

I serve as a Co-I in this project. My role is to work as a psychometrician, who is responsible for data management and analysis.

Partners PI: Prof. Terry K.-F. Au; Co-I: Ms. Angel Au
Funding Agencies General Research Fund (GRF), Hong Kong, HKD1,316,484
Location Hong Kong
Countries China
Dates 2013 - 2016

Curriculum Vitae

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