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Hagiwara, Rob (Robert)

Assistant Professor, Linguistics


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Behavioral/Social Sciences

Research Description

Linguistics, phonetics, phonetic theory, experimental phonetics, acoustic phonetics, individual and group sources of phonetic variaiton, phonetics/phonology interface, approximant consonants, sex and gender as phonetic variables, dialect; Physiological phonetics, speech-language-hearing anatomy and physiology, clinical applications of phoentic models and techniques, segment/prosody interactions, phonetics of signed languages; English, Lushootseed (Salish), Garifuna (Arawakan), Yoruba (Benue-Congo), American Sign Language.

Teaching Description

General linguistics, general phonetics, acoustic phonetics, linguistic anatomy and physiology (speech productions), linguistic anatomy and physiology (neuroanatomical substrates of speech, language, and hearing), language and gender, phonology, language and society, language acquisition, sociolinguistics, phonetic and phonological development in second language learning.

Public/Media (Non-Technical) Description

I study the sounds of language, how they are produced, how they sound, and especially how they vary between individuals and social groups. I am particularly intersted in the way the physical system of speech (and sign) constrains the possiblities of spoken (and signed) language, and how seemingly infinitely variable speech is categorized, recognized, and used by speakers for both linguistic and social tasks.

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